Product Details

2264 style Compressor / Mic Pre in 500 Series Format, 2 Units width

500 series Microphone Preamplifier or Compressor

Product Details
Its compression features, key components and design are the same found on the Heritage Audio classic 2264E compressor. A fully featured 60dB HA1073 mic preamplifier has been implemented when compression is not needed. Phantom power is also available. Its audio path is fully discrete Class A, 2n3055 driven, transformer balanced. All controls are stepped on rotary switches for easy recall and high precision. A high pass filter has been added on the sidechain to avoid bass signals to ride the compression. It features discrete inputs for Compression / Line amp (Left slot input) and mic (Right slot input). Output in both cases is on the Left slot output.
Technical Specification
Microphone input impedance 1200 Ohm .Input is transformer balanced and floating. Line input impedance: 10KOhms bridging, transformer balanced and floating. Output impedance: Less than 75 Ohms, transformer balanced and floating, 600 Ohms terminated. Maximum output: Greater than +26dBu, 600 Ohms terminated. THD: Less than 0.025% at 1Khz, Less than 0.05% at 100Hz. Frequency response : 20Hz (+0.3dB) to 20Khz (-0.2dB). Maximum Microphone Gain: 60dB. Maximum Line Gain: 20dB. Maximum Power consumption: Less than 110 mA @+-16VDC.
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