Product Details
Invision Studio Kit W/ USM

InVision USM with Pop Screen Studio Kit

Universal microphone shock-mount and pop filter for mics between 18 and 55 mm in diameter, and from 500 to 750 grammes in weight

Product Details
Rycote has applied its exclusive Lyre Technology to develop the InVision Studio product line bringing a new level of performance, versatility, value, and durability to studio, live sound, broadcast and installed applications.
InVision Studio product line
Rycote’s exclusive Lyre Technology is the most advanced shock mount and suspension technology used in field applications today. Rycote has applied this expertise to develop the InVision Studio product line bringing a new level of performance, versatility, value, and durability to studio, live sound, broadcast and installed applications.This broad range of solutions includes the USM Universal Studio Mounts for side-address studio condenser microphones and InVision Studio Suspensions for probe, handheld, miniature and shotgun microphones.
InVision Universal Studio Mount - For side-address microphones
The universal shock-mount designed to fit practically all of your side-address microphonesThe unparalleled flexibility InVision USM, with unprecedented fast setup in studio and live applications, accommodates multiple side-address microphones. Its unique, adjustable universal locking system can be quickly adjusted to securely fit a wide range of microphones. With just a handful of models, InVision USM Suspensions accommodate a wide range of diameters while providing peak performance for both lighter and heavier microphone models.
Say goodbye to expensive, fragile elastic suspensions
The USM utilises specially designed clips with Rycote’s patented Lyre Technology. Made from robust Hytrel thermoplastic, the USM will never sag or need rethreading. This indestructible, innovative design provides an additional 12 dB of isolation compared to conventional elastic suspensions.
The InVision Studio Kit is a complete suspension and pop filter system, which combines the Universal Studio Mount (USM) with a new Universal Pop Filter to make a complete vocal microphone suspension and pop filter system that will accommodate virtually any microphone. The Pop Filter is designed to lock tightly on the USM's outer support ring, where it can be left while mics are quickly and easily swapped in the USM.
Rycote’s Studio Kit is fast and easy to use, and has also proved harder-wearing, more vibration-resistant and better at protecting your mic from vocal pops and thumps without high-frequency loss, than any traditional elasticated microphone suspensions. If you record vocals, you owe it to yourself to try one. Go for the Universal solution, and let the Studio Kit rock your vox!
Technical Specification
Mic diameters 18-55 mm
Microphone length up to 300 mm
Maximum Weight (vertical) 750 g (26.5 oz)
Maximum weight (horizontal) 500g (17.6 oz)
Suspension Rotation (maximum) 175%
Product Length 300mm
Product Width 130mm
Net Weight 200.2 grams
Mic Compatibility
Ideal for mics weighing up to 750g
AKGC12 VR,C214,C28, C3000,C414 B-Xlii,C426 B,Perception 400
Audix CX-111, CX-112, CX-212
Behringer B2, C1
Berliner Microphones USA U7
BeyerDynamic M 99, MC 742
CAD Professional Microphones GXL3000, M177
Canford Audio CSM41
Neumann U 87 Ai
Shure KSM32
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