Product Details
Classic Softie Kit 18cm Standard

Classic Softie Series 18cm Shotgun Microphone Foam/Windjammer Kit with Grip

The original slip-on windshield, the Classic-Softie offers proven, cost-effective wind protection at a moment’s notice. - Cost effective, Acoustic transparency, Integral fur cover, Made in the UK

Product Details
The genuine Classic-Softie set the standard for slip-on wind protection.Advanced materials, adhesives and assembly techniques all combine to make the Softie an extremely tough product that provides excellent wind protection to withstand the harshest environments.
Classic-Softie Windshield
Providing lightning-fast wind protection, the Softie is designed for modern day ENG and location recording.Specially designed acoustic foam and synthetic fur achieve up to 25 dB of wind-noise reduction without any adverse effect on high frequencies. While protecting the mic, the specialty foam is impervious to UV and moisture damage making this a trusted tool for years of effective use in the harshest environments.Softie windshields are available in a large range of sizes to fit most popular shotgun microphones.
Classic-Softie Kits
Perfect for boom mounting or hand-held recording, the Classic-Softie kit has all the essential components necessary for modern day ENG and location recording. The Classic-Softie is the simplest, most robust & cost-effective windshield in our range.Available for various shotgun microphone lengths and diameters.
The Classic-Softie Kits include:
  • Classic-Softie Windshield
  • InVision Softie Lyre Mount with Pistol Grip
  • 40cm XLR-3F/3M cable (4.8mm)
  • Brush for fur maintenance
Technical Specification
Weight & Dimensions
To fit mic diameter 19-22 mm
Internal Length 180mm
External Length 205 mm
Rubber diameter 70mm
Overall diameter 120mm
Fur length 25mm
Fur Colour Grey
Height 70mm
Net Weight 0.061Kg
Mic Compatibility
AKG C 568 EB, CK 68 ULS C460B Full + RED
Beyer Dynamic MCE 86 N (C) S, MCE 87vs
Deity S-Mic 2
R?de NTG-3
Sanken CS-3e
Sennheiser ME 66 K6, ME 80 K3U, MKH 416, MKH 418
Sony ECM 670, ECM 678, ECM 680S
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